Discover’s Spooky Halloween in Mansfield

The sound of happy laughs teamed with spooky music fills the air of Mansfield Town Centre.

Mansfield BID created a bustling event with a giveaway stall, interactive Harry Potter reenactments, a vibrant market and a spooky ghost train! The atmosphere was that of a thriving town and a BID who care.

Georgia Hewer-Heppelthwaite (our head of comms) at the giveaway stand

Each member of the BID including the BID CEO, Jay Rowlinson, was dressed to the nines in Halloween costumes; a jester, the grim reaper & a vampire to name a few! It was only fair that we also dressed up for the occasion…we even brought our team pooch, Beans – and dressed him up, too!

Beans the Discover mascot!

Beans the whippet made his way along the never-ending queue of excited kids and cooing adults (he does possess the cute factor that the rest of us lack), all the while encouraging the adults to download the free Discover app in order to receive the giveaway. This proved hugely successful and resulted in feedback from locals that the app is just what they’ve been looking for!

Mansfield’s Market Place was buzzing at the weekend!

Our team even took to the ghost train themselves with a member of the BID. There may be some video footage available soon… (will update this blog when it becomes available)…

Local businesses benefited from the heightened footfall at the weekend with 24,000 people in attendance. The event was run with heart and passion that was felt by all. The atmosphere has had a lasting impact on our team and we look forward to returning to Mansfield for another successful event!

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