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The Epping Forest District, a place on the outskirts of London full of enriching businesses and thriving high streets. Beyond the verdant expanse of the forest, the district is dotted with picturesque villages and towns, each exuding a unique character and charm.

Vibrant Independents

From the quaint Tudor architecture of Epping town to the idyllic ambiance of Ongar, every corner of the district tells a story of its own. Local markets, artisanal shops, and traditional pubs add a touch of warmth and community spirit, making visitors feel instantly at home. Exploring the cobbled streets and interacting with the friendly locals offer a glimpse into the rich cultural fabric of the Epping Forest District.

The Discover team had a great time chatting to the independent businesses in the district. We gathered endless content to showcase it’s restaurants, refill shops, markets, wellness studios and more! One thing was very clear, independents very much run the show in the Epping Forest District.


Even beyond it’s vibrant independents, the district boasts a rich heritage that transcends time. The district contains historical landmarks such as the 12th century Waltham Abbey and Elizabethan Copped Hall. Museums and galleries in the area also celebrate its cultural legacy, showcasing artifacts and art that reflect tales of historical times.

Waltham Abbey


Stepping  into nature is a breeze in the Epping Forest District! There are a plethora of outdoor activities to engage in across all of its towns and villages (and you can find them all on the Discover App!). Walks, trails and parks are never too far from the bustling high streets.

With its unspoiled landscapes, welcoming communities, and rich history, people are beckoned from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the Epping Forest District’s timeless charm.

Epping Forest

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