Discover a beautiful trip to Newquay

A cool wind and the taste of sea salt fills the air, with smells of artisan coffee and stonebaked pizza floating  by you as you stroll along Bank Street, running parallel to the picturesque Towan Beach.

Newquay really is one of those must-see UK locations. This Cornish town is a surfers heaven and home to some of the most breathtaking views in the UK. It possesses sandy beaches which look as though they’re out of an old-school travel magazine which contrast effortlessly with a variety of modern, quirky independent shops.


The food in Newquay is incomparable to anywhere else we’ve visited in the UK. From pizzerias, steakhouses and moonshine bars to artisan cafés and acai bowls – the area completely spoils us for choice! Not only does it spoil us for choice, it spoils us with stunning views and an atmosphere so special, you’ll want to bottle it up.

View from The Secret Garden, Newquay

We also travelled with some vegan friends which usually makes finding an appropriate restaurant a little trickier than usual, however, the vegan eateries were showcased on Discover – no stressful googling necessary!

Acai Bowl at Box & Barber, Newquay


Newquay loves to play on its pirate history and so you’ll find many attractions dedicated to this. For example, crazy golf – pirate style! As we walked around the course of ‘Pirates Quest Adventure Golf’, it felt an awful lot like a museum, going from room to room, eagerly reading about the pirates who graced the Cornish shores and their lives (as well as trying to get a hole in one!). The sound effects and atmosphere created by the team here is eerily playful, an experience we highly recommend.

Pirates Quest Adventure Golf, Newquay

We can’t mention the activities in Newquay without talking about surfing! Newquay is absolutely dominated by thriving surf shops and schools. Even if you’ve never tried surfing (which we hadn’t!) you should definitely jump abord a bodyboard. We had so much fun gliding over the waves… and being swallowed by a few!

Finding activities was made colossally easier by the Discover App, we had everything to do clearly laid out for us and having a good scroll was how we found the ‘Pirates Quest Adventure Golf’!


Sun, sea and sand. All things you’d expect to find on a golden beach in Spain. Well, we can in fact confirm that the same feeling can be experienced here in the UK. The beaches in Newquay offer the softest sand, crystal waves and sun spots like no other. Plus, if you get restless just chilling on the beach, you’re never too far from a cave to explore! Newquay’s beaches each have their own character. To name a few; Fistral is the surfing hub, Towan is a great option for families & Great Western, a peaceful beach with a pizza truck and café.

Great Western Beach, Newquay

So, in conclusion, Newquay was a breath of sea salty fresh air and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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