How to make the most out of visiting a new place

Visiting a new place is quite literally like stepping into the unknown. Every town, city or village in the UK has its own unique offering waiting to be discovered and explored. It could be that you’re stepping into shopping paradise or a place known for breathtaking nature trails. The unknown shouldn’t be scary, it should be exciting! So, with that being said, read the below to see how to make the most out of visiting a new place.

Go for a wander

It may seem obvious but we cannot underestimate the value of just… walking. Get your steps in whilst exploring a new place. You’re likely to run into at least a few points of interest along the way or to even cover an entire village!

Find an independent coffee shop

Coffee! Particularly an independent place because we all love to support independents. When you order your coffee, ask the server what you should see in the area. Do they have a shopping mall, a trail, a museum, any heritage sites etc. It’s likely that this wont be the first time someone has asked them this question, so they’ll have a few ideas for you. Plus – it’s nice to chat to people, isn’t it?

Jump on a tour

Obviously it’s highly unlikely that this will apply to a village or small town – but for cities, it’s the perfect way to learn more! Tours will take you through not only what you are able to see in front of you, but also the history of the city. You’ll learn about its challenges and triumphs from somebody who knows the area inside out.

Check whether the place has an app

Obviously we’re biased… but apps really are the most efficient way to find out more about a place. If the place you’re in has the Discover app, you can guarantee that you will find absolutely everything there is to shop, eat and experience! Tours, trails, offers, shops, restaurants, activities, parks etc., it’s all there!

Download the free discover app here to find your next place to explore…

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