Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day in Leeds

Singles Guide To Valentine's Day

A Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day In Leeds

It’s that time of year folks. Shops plaster their displays with hearts and sappy quotes, restaurants are offering romantic dinner deals but when you’re a single-pringle it can feel like there’s nothing on offer for you. The Discover App is promoting all the fun in our Valentine’s Day ‘highlight tile’ across all our locations, but we wanted to do something special for the fabulous singletons in Leeds. This guide is for you! We wanted to give you an idea of what’s going on so you can make your Valentine’s day more than ice cream and rom-com marathons. Buckle up, grab your bestie and get excited because there is so much to talk about!

Valentine’s Fair

Starting out with Valentine’s themed markets might seem slightly counter intuitive but with so much on offer they could be an excellent Palentines day out. The Valentine’s Fair in Millennium Square kicked off on the 10th of February and features theme park rides as well as an assortment of stalls and activities. It runs until the 19th so if you’re feeling down in the dumps be sure to check it out!

Spa Day

Valentine’s is all about love, and there is no greater kind than self-love! Has the winter weather spoiled your skin? Are you in need of some deep tissue relief? Be your own Valentine and treat yourself to some expert TLC. For your spa day, you should check out Dragonfly Day Spa and LA Bella Spa. LA Bella specializes in Thai massage and offer a special discount every Tuesday for a 1 hour treatment at £40 – thankfully, Valentine’s day falls on a Tuesday this year! If you have a specific problem-area in mind, Dragonfly Day Spa offers a huge range of 21 treatments and 14 types of massage. They take great care to ensure their customers are well looked after and relaxed, they are sure to give you the pamper you deserve.  

Try Something New

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be all romantic dinners and spa days, Leeds has so many activities to try. If you’re not feeling the love, go out and try something you’ve never done! You could have a go at unleashing your inner Star Baker at Ready Steady Bake It – go head to head with a friend as you create the bake of the month and take your sweet treat home! Why not loosen up with a beginner Salsa session? Salsa Rocks hosts beginner and intermediate Salsa sessions every Wednesday at Kerala. You don’t need a partner, just head down and get dancing! If rhythm isn’t your strong suit why not give axe throwing a whirl? Whistle Punks in Millennium Square could be the perfect place to let out some of the angst your ex left you with as you hurl axes into bullseyes. It’s also a great activity for a night out with friends, let the drinks flow and the axes fly!

Cocktails on the town

If a night out sounds like the textbook remedy for your Valentine’s ennui, then we’ve got a couple cracking cocktail spots for you. Pixel Bar could be the place to go, with a great 2 for £10 daily deal on all their smashing cocktails until 9pm. Coupled with a spectacular selection of videogames across multiple platforms, it’s the perfect night out with pals – no lovers allowed!

We’ve discussed this one before but with their masterful mixology, The Maven bares mentioning once more. They set the standard for cocktail quality and never fail to impress with their supreme selection. Try out their Tiramisu Martini or their Elderflower Gimlet for creative takes on classic drinks. With it’s stylish speakeasy vibe and undeniably cool atmosphere, you can leave your blues at their secret door.

Intrigued by the ‘secret door’? Check out our Hidden Bars blog here.

Singles Events

We couldn’t do a singles guide without mentioning some of the mixer events happening on Valentine’s night. It takes guts to put yourself out there, but love is in the air and who knows who you could meet. Fortunately, with speed dating at Revolution Call Lane and the Traffic Light Party at Popworld, a lot of the heavy lifting is done for you. SpeedDater are running the Revolution event and they are experts in the field. You will be supported through 8-12 miniature dates and have the option to match with your favorites after the event through their website. If that sounds like too much perhaps the Traffic Light party at Popworld is more your speed. At this party everyone wears coloured wristbands to indicate their relationship status; green means single, orange means it’s complicated and red means they’re taken sadly. So, keep your eyes peeled, ‘the one’ could be rocking a green wristband (or orange, we won’t judge).

We hope this gives you an idea of all the wonderous things you can do this Valentine’s to bring in a little joy. A day that celebrates love can feel rather isolating when you’re spending it alone. So hold your friends close, go out, and have the best day – you deserve it.

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Singles Guide To Valentines Day