Experience a Year in Clovelly

A year in Clovelly

This small island off the Torridge Coast may, to some, seem unsuspecting. But this small village is as vibrant as the biggest city with a jam-packed events calendar every year. Dive into the Discover App and experience a year in Clovelly!


Clovelly Village Lentsherd
Lentsherd in Clovelly

Towards the end of February is Lentsherd, an old Clovelly Shrove Tuesday custom. The tradition was founded centuries ago and the aim was to rid the village of bad spirits and drive the devil into the sea before lent. Children make their way towards the harbour clattering tin cans on string behind them. When they reach the harbour, the cans are all tied together, thrown into the water and retrieved! All kids involved get a free pancake to decorate with their favourite toppings!


A Year in Clovelly Find the Easter Chick
Find The Easter Chick in Clovelly

In April, Clovelly becomes a giant chick-search! The ‘Find the Easter Chick’ event has become quite the tradition in the village. Kids are provided with a map on entry to the village and once they find 10 chicks, the map can be returned to the Visitor Centre reception for a prize.


Clovelly Seaweed Festival
Clovelly Seaweed Festival

The Seaweed Festival in May (18th May 2023) is always a hit and attracts visitors from across the UK every year! The aim of the Seaweed festival is to promote the nutritional value of mineral-full, calorie-less marine plant. The festival has food stalls (all including food cooked with Seaweed), arts and crafts workshops, talks, cooking demonstrations, live music and storytelling! The world of Seaweed is a fascinating one, and this event will open the door for you!


Clovelly Maritime Festival
Clovelly Maritime Festival

On 23rd July, Clovelly will be home to the Maritime Festival. The Maritime Festival is a huge traditional event in the Clovelly calendar. At 12pm is the Clovelly Cup Yacht Rally, people gather to watch the yachts set off racing across the bay. The village will be hosting live music, street entertainment, face painting and glitter tattoos.


Clovelly Herring Festival
Clovelly Herring Festival

Clovelly Herring Festival takes place on November 19th 2023.  The Herring festival is a time for the village to celebrate the coming of ‘Silver Darlings’ – also known as Herrings! The festival celebrates the nutritional benefits of Herring as well as promoting sustainable fishing.

There’s plenty more to discover in their calendar and you can find it all on the Discover App now along with everything there is to shop, eat and do in Clovelly.

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