Why should you check The Discover App regularly?

We can all feel a bit out of the loop in our hometowns, right? Your neighbour is telling you about a festival they went to at the local pub a few weeks before and you had no clue it even existed. You find yourself wondering what else is happening that you’re missing – the FOMO sets in – and suddenly you’re googling everything there is to do in the area and still coming up short.

Well, don’t worry. This is where the Discover App is here to help.

We’ll show you everything there is to shop, eat and do in your local area BEFORE it happens – so you don’t miss a beat!

We also feature offers from your local shops. We work across your local area to ensure that all the information on the app is consistently relevant and up-to-date, so you can be sure that you’re seeing everything as and when it’s being announced.

If you’re on-the-go and find a place you’d like to visit while browsing the app, we’ll even navigate you to it! Or, if you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, we have an ‘around me’ feature which shows you all the things to shop, eat and do within a radius that you set!

And ALL of this is personalised to your preferences.  

So while you’re having your daily scroll through socials, why not check in with The Discover App to keep your finger on the pulse of your community…

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