Supporting independent businesses on Black Friday

Let’s switch up the narrative, shall we?

Black Friday is great for the big corporations with giant margins, but what happens to the smaller, independent businesses on this day of huge discounts (or large marketing promotions for the same pricing depending on who you believe)?

Some smaller businesses are able to run discounts, but should they? Is it fair that the smaller high street businesses need to slash their prices to keep up with the big ones? We think not.

It’s important for smaller businesses not to feel pressured to run sales, particularly in the current financial climate. There’s also the argument that Black Friday can devalue the work and time of creative businesses, as though they should be competing with factory-led corporations. Let alone the harm Black Friday can do on people’s bank accounts as well as the environment with many shoppers getting caught up in the hype and buying things they don’t really need!

What can we all do to support smaller businesses on Black Friday?

It’s likely that smaller businesses have put a lot of thought behind their pricing; setting a fair price which reflects their work and make enough that they can stay in business doing what they love. They may be running sales to clear older stock, but don’t just head straight for the sale section! Have a look at their new products and understand that you’re paying for honest, fair labour and, often, a higher quality product.

Support ‘Colour Friday’! Colour Friday is a movement started by ‘Not On The Highstreet’ founder Holly Tucker in 2021. It encourages smaller business to charge what they need to not just survive, but thrive! It’s a movement which highlights that small businesses shouldn’t feel a need to run sales, particularly on Black Friday.

So, while you’re out and about looking to grab those deals, why not visit your local high street independents? Grab a coffee from the artisan place you keep forgetting to try or start your Christmas shopping on the row of independents just off the High Street, maybe pop for some pub-grub at the local after a long day of shopping!

To help you discover new places to shop, this Friday we will be featuring as many of the independent businesses on our app as possible – whether they are running Black Friday deals or not, they all deserve our time and attention!

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