Did you know that The Discover App is a Carbon Neutral business?

At Discover we have really strong beliefs about helping local economies survive and thrive, that independent businesses are vital to a local economy and that our activities should not be a drain on the planet’s resources.

That’s why we’ve been a carbon neutral company since 2021.

Our initial carbon footprint wasn’t particularly large as we’re pretty efficient in what we do – we also run on a server infrastructure which is the most carbon efficient in the UK and will be fully carbon neutral by 2025.

With the help of My Carbon Plan, we have offset our already small Carbon Footprint – and more! We opted to cover over our company’s carbon footprint to enable a good amount of wiggle room for any unexpected trips to meetings/conferences etc.

We’re proud to be showcasing the ‘My Carbon Plan’ badge on our website and encourage other businesses to do what they can to join us!