How does The Discover App help businesses who struggle to maintain a digital presence?

These days pretty much everyone has a smart phone, browses the internet or uses social media. But, it’s also not a level playing field. Not everyone finds it easy to create or maintain a digital presence in a world where almost everyone is plugged in and this can impact certain businesses in a negative way.

Having some form of digital presence is becoming more and more vital and The Discover App provides an easy solution to those business owners who struggle keeping up with a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & even a website. It’s not as vital for the businesses on our app to put hours into maintaining these platforms as The Discover App provides a digital presence for them! All they have to do is get in touch with us and we will help promote their business using all their branding, imagery and anything else they request to be included in the listing.

As we at Discover promote the app ourselves as well, the businesses listed benefit from this promotion simply by being on the app. That doesn’t even cover any cross-promotion on our own social media. So for those who don’t have the time to maintain a digital presence, who struggle with using online platforms and those who don’t need another job added to their list The Discover App and the hardworking team behind it are here to lend a hand.