The Discover App – a new look

We’ve tweaked our branding! How do you like our new look? *insert pose here*

You may be wondering why we have made the change from our vowel-less former name ‘dscvr’ to ‘Discover’ and here’s why.

After gathering feedback from our users, we found that changing our name to the Discover App highlights what we offer straight away. We are a discovery app after all and it is important to us to be as accessible to our users as possible while also making our purpose clear from the start.

Our app icon and logo has also had an upgrade. While we loved the idea of our previous logo and icon – we think this one is better and our clients agree!

Our slogan is that we find ‘everything you love, everywhere’ and so we wanted to combine these two ideas of location and our offering of finding everything our users love. The combination of the friendly, rounded heart within the location sign just made sense!

Our purpose is now clear within our new name and our caring ethos captured in our logo. We hope this rebrand is as loved by our users and clients as it is by us.

Here’s to the future of the Discover App and helping users find everything they love, everywhere!