Back to school…

Very soon, it will be back to school time! Usually this is synonymous with grey weather, mundane daily tasks, reminiscing about the sunny, stress-free or action-packed holidays.

It doesn’t have to be this way!!

The Discover App is currently running features showing what’s on offer locally to support your ‘Back to School’ journey – from new training shoes to a new school shirt. All aimed at making the ‘parent pound’ stretch that little bit further.

As well as all this, we’re entering a new season, which is a great opportunity to look at new activities. Yeah, the weather might not be so great, but that’s why we developed rainy day tiles on the Discover App with some of our clients. Okay, so there isn’t as much time to get out and about for activities, so we created ‘A day in’ or ‘A weekend in’ features to make the most out of that limited time!

There’s nothing worse than trying to find something on a search engine and getting fed irrelevant information in those paid-for top results. There’s only so much scrolling you want to waste your 48 hours of weekend on, right?

Imagine if you could have current information for everything to do or see in an area, sorted by your preferences. Well, there’s an app for that..

We don’t believe in telling users where they should enjoy going, we know everyone has different tastes and that makes our world interesting and vibrant! So we cater to a wide range of tastes, providing a menu of preferences on sign up to make sure users are getting the content they want to see. Making the most of that precious down-time and showing the world that just because we’re back to the grindstone doesn’t mean all the fun has to stop! It’s right there on your doorstep, we just help you find it.