The Discover App comes to Kendal!

The team at the Discover App are delighted to announce our new partnership with Kendal BID!

We’re thrilled to have Kendal BID working with the Discover App to showcase everything there is to shop, eat and do in the leading Lake District town of Kendal.

Kendal is a town which is world famous for its ‘Kendal Mint Cake’ but it’s SO much more than just a place with a sugary life saving confection!

Kendal is choc full of ‘Yards’. These are unsuspecting streets which lead to (often hidden away) clusters of vibrant shops and hidden gems! Hidden no more… the Discover App highlights each of the yards and their unique offerings. Simply swipe and discover!

Kendal itself is stunning. Based on the edge of the Lake District and surrounded by natural beauty, Kendal has regular walking trails which take you around and through the town so you can experience the area as a local would! At Discover, it’s important to us to feature everything that makes this area beautiful and everything you can do protect it (working with the Zero Carbon Kendal initiative) to locals and visitors alike.

Kendal also boasts a thriving creative community; Kendal has a cinema, multiple live music venues, a theatre, visual art gallery, dance studios and regular creative workshops! This creativity spills over into the towns’ nightlife with a number of cocktail bars and speakeasys!

Kendal quick-facts:

  • Kendal hosts over TEN festivals per year
  • Writer of the ‘Postman Pat’ books, John Cunliffe, lived in Kendal!
  • Kendal is the third largest town in Cumbria

We’re now showcasing everything Kendal has to offer to it’s locals and visitors alike.